The primary oil sands processing facility at Asphalt Ridge is located on the "A" tract about 4 miles from Vernal, Utah. The facility is owned by Korea Technology Industry America (KTIA) through its subsidiary Crown Asphalt Ridge, LLC (CAR).

On January 15, 2012 Rutter & Wilbanks Corporation began funding the completion of the 1,200 barrel/day oil sands extraction and asphalt production facility. Rutter & Wilbanks contracted JAM Industrial (through CAR) to finalize engineering design and lead plant commissioning efforts. As of early August, 2012, The froth production, tailings handling, water treatment, and dry froth production plants were complete and successfully undergone commissioning. The plant was successfully operated at capacity and produced dry froth asphalt binder for sales and testing.

The design of the 1,200 barrel/day plant is primarily based on a modified hot water extraction process designed by Burk Adams (JAM Industrial) and Phil Coleman (MCNIC Pipeline & Processing Company) in 1999 and 2000. The facility consists of: open pit mine, material sizing, conditioning, flotation, tailings dewatering, water recycle and cleaning system, froth handling, froth water evaporation for dry bitumen production, froth treatment circuit, atmospheric distillation for froth treatment solvent recovery, vacuum distillation for asphalt production, loadout for asphalt, distillates, and dry froth.

The facility is currently owned by Tar Sands Holdings II, LLC (TSHII). JAM Industrial, Inc. is a member of TSHII. The facility is not currently in operation, and is for sale. For purchase inquiries, please contact us at and we will pass along your information.